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Precision and Confidence for Renewable Investors and Professionals

Based in Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, LXI Renewables is uniquely positioned to assist both financial investors and strategic partners in managing renewable assets across North America with peace of mind and confidence. Our operational and asset management track record, combined with extensive experience in international operations and capital markets, ensures that we deliver tailored, risk-adjusted returns and solutions in the renewable energy sector.

As subject matter experts and leading professionals in the North American renewable industry, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive technical support to other industry professionals, such as lenders, energy lawyers, and insurance adjusters. We deliver practical, creative, and holistic solutions with speed to address your complex issues.

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Li Xu, CPA

Li Xu is a dynamic entrepreneur with extensive experience in the energy sector, spanning oil, gas, petrochemicals, solar, wind, battery storage, hydro, pumped storage, hydrogen, nuclear, and geothermal projects across the US, Canada, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa markets. Her hands-on expertise encompasses the entire lifecycle of projects, from greenfield development to asset management. As a US power market expert with a strong background in commodity trading, risk management, and hedging, she adeptly balances returns and risks. A globalist at heart, Li has assisted investors and clients around the world.