Effective Financial Solutions for Renewable Investors

With our international operational experience and innovative DNA, we provide effective and efficient financial solutions for renewable investment fund managers, asset managers, and strategic investors around the world.

Renewable Finance

From America to APAC, the journey to the future is full of challenges and opportunities. LXI Consulting is here to help you walk into the new world with proven financial process and system, hands on operational experience, expertise in the most complex financial subjects, technology in hand, and peace in mind.

LXI is a platform developed specific for renewable investors with portfolio assets in America and Asia, the two markets with the highest growth rate. We address accounting, tax, finance, and ERP system issues specific for your assets under management.

Servcies we offer

Fund formation and administration (onshore and offshore) and Entity formation

Market: Renewable market research

Project acqusition: deal sourcing and due diligence

Asset management: under construction, operating assets

Backoffice: accounting, reporting, audits

Tax: federal, state, and local tax filings, ITC/PTC/direct pay, tax equity/HLBV accounting/capital accounts

Derivatives (FX, energy commodity) trading and hedging

Project Finance

Financial restructuring

IPO readiness (US GAAP or IFRS)

*Legal and engineering consulting are referred to other reputable firms.

*Projects we focus on: solar, wind, battery storage, pumped storage (hydro), geothermal, and waste to energy.