Please note this list is only limit to the requests within our direct network: large companies, funds and banks in Japan, China, the Middle East, and Europe. Please provide all documents in English. 

A.Seek large energy and infrastructure projects WW

Type: Solar/wind/hydro/coal/gas/nuclear plants, transmission towers, airport, port, highway

Stage: projects post or near-complete developments/ready to construct, in the middle of the construction

Size: 100M+ USD (prefer 100M-500M USD)

Emerging market: governmental authorization letters from Minister of Energy level and above are preferred

Location: worldwide


B. Renewables projects for southeast Asia companies, including Japanese energy majors

Type: Solar or Wind or Hydro

Stage: operating assets

Size: 50MW+

Deal structure: majority control or 100% take over

Location: Europe/UK and the US


C.Large distressed operating assets – onshore and offshore oil assets WW

Type: Onshore and offshore oil assets

Stage: operating assets only

Size: 100M+ USD (prefer 100M-500M USD)

Location: worldwide