LXI Consulting Business Update
While the first operating assets are in the transition process, we are looking forward to welcoming two more US operating assets owned by the same leading global renewable pension fund investor in Q2. The total wind/solar operating assets we support are over 500MW – which is bound to increase with their inclusion.
Organizations can leverage our one-stop back-office support that includes: ERP system, operational finance, HLBV calculation, settlements and confirmation, mark-to-market and hedging accounting, annual audit, federal, state, and local tax services, etc.
If you need assistance with managing your solar/wind operating assets in the US, please contact us.  

LXI Expanding Horizons with a New Website:
Welcome to our new LXI Consulting website: www.lixuintl.com.
LXI is a platform developed specifically for renewable and crypto investors with portfolio assets in America and Asia, the two markets with the highest growth rate.

Important Newsletter Update:
We sincerely appreciate the loyal readers of our MONTHLY newsletter from all over the world over the last four years.
This monthly newsletter recorded our adventurous business journey and growth path. With the increasing need to service existing customers, we continue this general newsletter quarterly which will be distributed on the 2nd month of each quarter in the future. If you wish to explore our previous newsletters, please visit https://www.lxirenewables.com/media.

Special Newsletter Series for Renewable and Crypto Investors:
A new series of newsletters will be distributed separately to renewable and crypto investors with portfolio assets in the US and APAC.
Interested in tips and ideas on managing your solar/wind assets or digital assets in the US and APAC? Please email us your business email addresses to be added to our distribution list.

Coming Panel Discussion:
I look forward to sharing my experiences working with crypto companies and investors at the coming Horasis US panel discussion: Clarifying Crypto-Currencies Acceptability.
Horasis, founded by Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter, brings together the world’s top thought leaders from government, business, academia, and society to address the profound economic, political, and social disruptions and to provide additional business insights.

Special Feature: What Does the Future Hold for Crypto-Currencies?
It’s fair to say that cryptocurrencies have proved to be the movers and shakers of the financial realm. With some main coins rising up to 70% since the start of 2021 and the crypto market cap crossing the $2 trillion mark, it’s safe to say that these currencies are here to stay.  With that said, 2022 might bring the first-ever spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund to the United States. This could prove to be a huge development with the biggest cryptocurrency getting its first ETF. Lastly, expect more regulations on crypto in 2022, with the recent crackdown by China banning all crypto-related activities and U.S. authorities cracking down on certain aspects of the market.

Industry News, Trends, and Reading List
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