2020. The Year of the Reset

Business update

We are entering the fifth month of 2020 and every month comes a new normal. The world is constantly changing and self-correcting, yet the current economic and geopolitical dynamic change combined with Covid-19 has RESET the business order. As a result, we adjusted our business to adapt to the evolving geopolitical and social environment. Our strategy is to go deeper and remain agile.

Our Focus

Medical Devices: Post revenue, vision impairment, cardiology, IDV only/ FDA, CFDA, CE, and Pharma/ Oncology Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Services: Licensing, distribution agreements, clinical trials, and China advisory.
Oil & Gas: Physical trade and distressed operating assets. Buy or sell.
Due to travel restrictions we are focusing on international trade and continue to offer country manager services for businesses in the US, China, and the UK. As country manager, we assist an organization to set up a company and manage and operate the business or divestiture.  We operate as your team in a foreign country.

Global Business Update

Covid-19: Most countries have plateaued as it relates to the number of new cases. We highly recommend viewing the 2011 movie Contagion which predicted the pandemic nearly a decade ago. Read more for the latest information.

Back to Work:  Many cities are slowly approaching the ‘back to work’ phase of Covid-19, yet how do regions do ‘back to work’ in a safe manner? The key is to test, and for business owners to have infected employees remain out of the workplace to avoid the spread of the virus among the workforce. Please work with your HR and legal staff to implement the appropriate strategy for your workplace.

Unemployment: Massive layoffs have occurred; however we anticipate the worst is yet to come. Various countries have implemented some form of a stimulus plan, with each country handing it differently. While companies in Europe and the UK tend to keep employees on at reduced salaries, the US has various actions including layoffs and furloughs. The following report from CNBC provides additional insight: Read more

Food Shortage: Covid-19 disrupted logistics around the world. Meat processing facilities in the US have been forced to close due to infected employees which are expected to create food shortages and an increase in prices.

Global Supply Chain: US and Japan announced mandatory moving out of China. However, the reality is not easy. There are many questions including the basic ‘how’ and which part of the process should be moved out? What about manufacturing related to the China market?  Which country should the processes be moved to? If the move will be back to the US or Japan, can the home country quickly provide the required skilled labor? Or, should a company invest in more robots? Other key issues include environmental pollution and union issues. Despite the challenges, the diversity of the global supply chain has been increased thanks to Covid-19. Read more

Industry Structure Change:  Covid-19 is increasing the speed of change caused by disruptive technology. Traditional industries like retail, restaurants, and entertainment will evolve to something completely different.

Booming Industry: remote work technologies, online educations, automation

Social Behavior: Sadly, the traditional handshake may no longer exist.  Working remotely and/or from home will be the norm. Let’s keep connected while practicing social-distancing. Read more