Welcome to the December issue of International M&A’s newsletter.

As we come to the end of the year, we want to wish each of you a very happy and safe holiday season. The past 12 months have brought us opportunity and insights, the result of meetings with, and referrals provided by you. We appreciate your continued support. In our meetings and attendance at conferences, we receive inquiries as to our services and insights on the latest activity in the global markets. In this issue, we address some of the frequently asked questions and share insights into the international markets. We look forward to sharing more in 2020 and welcome your comments.

Business Update: Helping ASEANA’s Economic Development

To help with the economic development opportunities in the growing ASEANA region, we provide energy and infrastructure project finance services to assist companies to raise ASEANA project capital. We focus on projects in southeast Asia that meet industry average IRR and ROI after (adjusting for country risks), have secured the required permits, and have management with a strong track record. We work with power plants with a minimum of 100W.  For more details on how we can assist with your ASEANA opportunities, contact [email protected] directly.

FAQ Focus

In our meetings with many of you, we often receive some of the same questions. The following addresses some of the more frequently asked questions:

FAQ: What Areas/Industries are in Your Current Focus? 

While our expertise is broad, we currently focus on the pharmaceutical and energy industries – two areas in which we have a deep understanding and experience:

Pharmaceutical and medical devices – We help raise capital and/or product sales, along with consulting and advisory services for companies with post-FDA/CE/CFDA products. Our team assists these companies in commercializing their products in the China market via mergers & acquisitions (M&A), direct product sales, and licensing agreements.

Energy – We assist our clients with cross border energy deals, the structure of deals, and project finance services, in addition to interim CXO services, consulting and advisory services. The average size of the deals and projects range from $50 million to $2 billion in the US, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. Transaction types include debt/bond, M&A, product sale, and technology licensing.

International Market Update: Things That Caught My Eye
Every day we work with people in all parts of the world and make it our goal to be aware of the global movement assist our clients in capturing the right opportunities and get them to a new foreign market in a smooth and efficient manner. The following news items are of interest to many of our clients.


  • Sanofi Says Its $2.5 Billion Biotech Takeover Is Just the Beginning. Sanofi has the perfect gift for investors: Investment in its most promising businesses with plans to keep growing the dividend. Read more
  • Asian private equity group to buy Lumenis in $1B deal. Read more
  • UK regulator mulls blocking Illumina’s $1.2B PacBio takeover. Read more 


  • Saudi Aramco IPO. Read more
  • China and Russia Are Partners—and Now Have a $55 Billion Pipeline to Prove It: Putin and Xi flip the switch on a gas conduit from Siberia, challenging the economic and strategic clout of the U.S. Read more
  • Gridworks finalizes investment in South Africa’s Mettle Solar. Read more
  • Can Southeast Asia keep up with growing energy demand? Read more
Other Industries:
  • Alibaba’s Hong Kong Debut Is the Biggest IPO of 2019—by Far. Read more
  • UK results: Conservatives win the majority. Read more


Horasis 2019 Asia
Feel the energy of ASEAN – Horasis Asia Conference 2019 in Vietnam
The current global political issues and the US-China trade war have shifted the interest of international investors to Vietnam.  Hundreds of global leaders, leading CEOs and government leaders gathered to discuss global trade, learn how Vietnam’s global trade is growing, and investor inquiries are increasing, especially in the hi-tech sectors, as Vietnam shifts from an agricultural economy to one of industry and services.

The Future of Energy in Bangkok, Thailand
Southeast Asia’s booming economies are generating a huge demand for energy. The region’s unique characteristics – areas separated by large bodies of water, fast-growing population, and congested traffic in major cities – have created a very unique energy market. Renewables are booming as technological advances provide better access to wind, biomass, and waste-to-energy. In addition, electric vehicles and smart grid are hot topics.

BloombergNEF Summit, Shanghai
LNG was the topic of discussion for the hundreds of executives and global leaders who joined the BloombergNEF Summit in Ritz Carlton at Lu Jia Zui, Shanghai. Attendees shared ideas, insights, and connections to formulate successful strategies and capitalize on technological advances to shape a cleaner and more competitive future for energy in ASEANA.

Exploring ESG in Fixed Income and Alternatives – CFA Society, UK
Environment, Social, and Governmental (ESG) investments are growing strong in Europe. ESG fund managers, analysts and other members of the CFA society gathered in London recently to explore opportunities in ESG.