Welcome to the February issue of Li Xu International’s newsletter.

Breaking News! Li Xu Appointed as Vice Secretary of Overseas United Working Committee, China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation

Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Li Xu was appointed as Vice Secretary of the Overseas United Working Committee (OUWC) of the China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation, a subcommittee of the China Association for Science and Technology which is registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In her new role, Ms. Xu is organizing a global think-tank forum to address the post coronavirus rebuilding effort.  The OUWC is responding to the demands “facing the world frontier of science and technology, economic key battlegrounds and the major national demand” called for by Chinese President Xi, acting as an important platform for advancing the implementation of the Global Community initiative.

Managing more than 2600 enterprises in China, including Chinese Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, etc., the OUWC guides and helps Chinese enterprises invest and cooperate overseas in a smooth and productive way.  The OUWC has established close communications with over 120 countries and enterprises around the world and has offices in 35 countries and regions that provide liaison services for Chinese enterprises.  To date, the OUWC has organized more than 100 overseas visits by Chinese enterprises, economic and technological project matchmaking meetings in more than 60 countries and is responsible for signed projects exceeding 30 billion dollars. The OUWC has received commendations from many countries and accreditation for a number of major sino-foreign cooperation projects from the central committee.


Oxsight, a UK based AI med-tech company engaged HK based Li Xu International (Asia) Ltd.

London based Oxsight has engaged HK based Li Xu International (Asia) Ltd. to assist with its global expansion by providing marketing, sales, and finance services.  Oxsight is an Oxford University spinoff and a Google Venture Award-winning project. Through its leading AI technology, it brings vision to severely vision-impaired patients suffering from such issues as AMD (aged related molecular degeneration) and glaucoma.   AMD and glaucoma are leading causes to blindness around the world, especially among people over the age of 60 by and also African Americans (average age prone to AMD is 40) and Asians.  The Oxsight team is composed of top AI experts in the UK, and its smart glasses have received endorsement by prestigious hospitals such as Moorfield in the UK and Zhong Shan Hospital in China, and key opinion leaders such as Professor Xinghuai Sun, President-elect of the Chinese Ophthalmology Society, chairman of the Ophthalmology & Vision Science Committee of Chinese Research Hospital Association; and Professor Monica Chaudhry, Chairman of the Optometry Council of India. Li Xu International is currently in discussion with distributors in China, Indian and the Middle East and Europe and the U.S. to carry the product.  Through this group effort, we will help blind people be able to see the world again.

For market distribution rights, licensing out (both exclusive and non-exclusive) or investing in this fast-growing UK based company, please contact [email protected].  We are currently in discussion with interested parties in China, India, the Middle East, Europe, and the US.


Coronavirus Update

China is the main supplier to the global market, and the coronavirus outbreak has put a  severe strain on the global supply chain.  Based on conversations with family and friends in China, it appears as if the Coronavirus outbreak has stabilized, and many people are back to work in China, especially in the Greater Shanghai area. However, Wuhan remains under high security.  Major Coronavirus outbreaks are now occurring in Korea, Japan, and Italy.

Although the virus seems to be under control in China, many workers cannot go back to work because factories lack breathing masks for workers, so production will still be hampered for the near future.

That means that supply chains will continue to be impacted.  If your supply chain is under stress, we can help you find alternative suppliers in other regions.

To build an alternative supply chain and get your business moving again, please contact [email protected]. Our global network will help you rebalance your supply chain quickly and also let you diversify it so that you are not subject to the high risk of a single source.

Many global conferences have been canceled or postponed or are short of speakers.  We are happy to help with your speaking engagements related to subjects of renewables, globalization, international capital, oil/gas, China / Asia market access as long as the engagement is within the U.S. until the end of March, or in Europe during April.


What’s New in Our World


  • India to boost renewables by over $800 million in 2020 Read more
  • Europe’s Ofgem publishes a decarbonization action plan Read more
Interested in participating in solar projects in underserved areas with top players in APAC and LATAM? contact [email protected] to access over 1GW in solar projects (development, construction and operating) in India, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Philippine, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, …
  • Drugmakers rebranding around oncology, rare diseases could provide 2020 preview Read more

Li’s comments: this is in line with the feedback from major China oncology players in our network.

  • Toshiba says its device tests for 13 cancer types with 99% accuracy from a single drop of blood Read more

Li’s comments: with more diseases are diagnosed earlier, more early treatment drugs and treatment devices will be in high demand.

Interested in Working with us?  Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Partners with 15+ years well known international investment bank experience with deep industry knowledge and contacts in energy or pharma. Preferred location: Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi, South Africa, Gahan, Japan, and Singapore.
  • Pharma and medical device distributors with 5+ years established sales channels to major hospitals, clinics in the US, Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan, and India. Prefer Oncology and vision-impaired related areas.
  • Oncology drugs and devices, especially rare diseases related, want to go to China market first and go global afterward


What is going on in our Global Community: 

Horasis Global in Portugal
It is my great honor to moderate global leaders discussing the future of our business under the current wave of social and technological changes, such as operating a business with multiple dominant currencies and finding and working with carbon-zero energy suppliers. See you at Horasis Global in Portugal in March 2020.