COVID 19 special newsletter


It is a special time for mankind as countries around the world are impacted by Covid-19 one by one. Each country is working to implement best practices from the other to control the spread and lessen the impact.


Li Xu International has been busy with the global distribution of Covid-19 related medical supplies, especially blood-based rapid testing kits and PCR testing kits. We have facilitated purchases, including large government purchases. Since early March we have worked nonstop with people and groups from around the world, connecting the right organizations with the right suppliers. In this process, we have interacted with a variety of organizations and interest groups including government and regulatory agencies, policymakers, wholesalers/distributors, investors, hospitals, foreign chambers, individuals with wide connections, nonprofits, etc.  From our interaction, we have learned a few things we want to share.

1. First things first, please avoid crowds, stay healthy, wash your hands, and minimize your time in places like grocery stores. Even if the death rate is not high, the side effects of Covid-19 can possibly include permanent lung damage. While technically recovered, some survivors will live with lung support or require long-term treatment, possibly for the rest of their life. Avoid becoming one of the statistics.

2. Remain calm. A crisis creates anxiety which can lead to irrational decisions. History has shown intelligent people can make irrational decisions if they do not remain calm in a time of crisis.

3. An economic recession will most likely follow the epidemic. Now is the time to have a reserve cash position, personally and for your business.

4. Decision-making process in crisis mode. The decision-making process while in a crisis greatly differs from that of times of normalcy. If you make decisions based on 80% information during a time of normalcy, this is a time to decide based on 50% information or less.  Also, inaction is equally risky. Most of the decisions we make bring some risks. Learn to manage major risks. It is time to let the small things go — focus on the big things.

5. All this shall pass, although it may last a while.

I continue looking forward to the opportunity to connect with like-minded people around the world, to share experiences and learnings, especially building a global crisis management team. If you are in the healthcare, green energy, and green agricultural business with a solid progress track record of more than 15 years, REPUTABLE in the industry (please provide a reference if we do not know each other yet), and are RESULTS DRIVEN, OPERATIONAL FOCUSED, and BIG PICTURE person with a plan to do long term business, please send me a note with your bio/resume and/or LinkedIn profile. I look forward to connecting.

Stay safe, stay calm, stay connected.