Welcome to the November issue of the LXI Newsletter.

The world seems to be slowly opening for large international conferences. After a long Covid-induced shutdown, November brought a few noteworthy conferences including the WEB Summit, the largest international tech conference with over 40,000 attendees, and Salona Breakpoint 2021, one of the largest crypto events in the world. Things I have noticed:

In most countries, especially the US and Europe, a large volume of quantitative easing (QE) money has fueled M&A and investing activities and should continue until the capital is redistributed and rebalanced to the business ecosystem. Additionally, large corporations across all sectors are holding a large volume of cash, either in buy-back stocks or through acquisitions, while startups have raised a large amount of capital and are seeking to deploy capital. Is your team ready for an M&A integration, carve-out, or creating audit departments to ensure these new investments are executed to generate ROIs according to plan?

Crypto, especially metaverse, is the popular kid on the block. Large capital has flooded into the sector resulting in some 20-year-olds becoming the world’s new millionaires and even billionaires. Is this a new trend to a new stateless or community-based world? Or will the central banks and government determine crypto to be illegal and ban this kind of technology?

Technology evolution is a one-way street. The speed of its development and adoption is beyond the comprehension of most who remain unfamiliar with the likes of blockchain, renewables, and crypto. Mark Zuckerberg’s video link is a perfect example of how companies like Facebook are joining this new wave. Will the result impact the current government structure? How will it impact society as a whole?

Business Update

We have realigned our businesses to two parts: Consulting and Investing:

LXI Consulting includes outsourced CFO services, post-M&A integration, carve-out / divestiture, derivatives/commodity trading, SAP FICO, etc. Visit here for our past projects. LXI Consulting is industry agnostic with a focus on finance, accounting, risk management, and change management services. Companies we have served include Merrill Lynch Commodity Trading, Schlumberger (former Cameron International), Hewlett Package (HP), Deloitte, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Constellation, GDF Suez, and many startups, including Blackstone portfolio companies. Did you know we are a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified company in the USA? We look forward to connecting with like-minded industry leaders in diversity and inclusion.

LXI Capital focuses on the development, advisory, and investment in renewables projects and tech section, namely DeFi and metaverse projects. Stay tuned for the updated website.

We launched a pilot YouTube channel, LXI Consulting, where we will share industry and societal trends, insights on our services, and address some of our community’s more frequently asked questions. As part of this new venture, we will share information and insights from select events with the intent of providing an up-close look at the trends and issues impacting business.

News and Reading Lists

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We are Actively Seeking

  • US commodity trading companies seeking to build robust middle-office and back-office functions.
  • Companies with recent M&A activities.
  • Landmen with 10+ years experience in the US, Portugal, and Spain.
  • On behalf of crypto miners, seeking 25Mw (min 1Mw) power purchasing for 2-to-5-year agreements. US or Canada only.
  • Equity investors are interested in pump storage projects and battery storage projects in the US.
  • Reputable solar/wind/hydro project developers in Asia, including mainland China.

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Community, Media, and Events

  • Pilot YouTube channel: WEB Summit 2021 video clips.
  • Pilot YouTube Channel: Solana Breakpoint event 2021 video clips.

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