Newsletter Subscription Update

  • General newsletter: As our near-term focus is to invest and advise solar/wind/hydro development projects in Southeast Asia and South Asia, we understand this newsletter may not be of interest to you or your business. If that is the case, please feel free to unsubscribe from our newsletter by scrolling down to the button section. We respect your privacy.
  • Renewable Investor newsletter: We plan to issue a renewable investors newsletter to keep our equity partners and investors informed. In this newsletter, we will focus on the specific markets, deal flow, and emerging market investing tips.  If we have spoken in the past, your email is already in our database. If not, and you would like to receive this newsletter, please click here. Or simply email us with your name, company name, title, and city. Please do expect a follow-up call from us.  This is a member only email.
  • Medical Device newsletter: We remain our passion to technology and interest in FDA/CE/CFDA stage medical devices, especially bridging the Western and Eastern world in licensing transfer and market access. To stay in touch, please subscribe our Medical Device Newsletter.  The launching date will be determined pending on business operations.

Renewable Projects Update
We extend a big thank you to our old and new friends around the world. We continue receiving new hydro, solar, and wind projects via our global network. Our current pipeline includes PPA ready projects in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Due to the time sensitivity of the projects with or near to PPAs, please contact us if you are interested.

Commonly Asked Questions
We receive many questions from all parts of the world – 90% of them being similar or related. The top three questions include who you are, what do you do, and what do you invest in.  A quick answer: we are a group of renewable professionals focused on the emerging markets. Our teams include international finance, operation & engineering, and local market experts. LXI Capital invests in solar, wind, and hydro projects in emerging markets. For specific criteria, please click LXI Capital Investing Criteria. Please note our consulting and advisory services are global based, although most of our clients are based in the US and Europe. Please Click for cases on previous consulting projects. For additional details, please check my updated LinkedIn profile and our website.

Things Caught My Attention

Investment Opportunities We Are Looking For
We are an operations-focused team and actively seeking mid-market developers in Asia with a proven track record, strong development capabilities and a strong pipeline of projects. We are actively seeking RTB solar/wind projects.  To contact, please click here.

Community Event
I look forward to seeing you September 1 and 2 at the HKTDK Belt Road Summit. We are here to connect in addition to the deal match-making section. To register:

How to reach us?
The best way is always to email [email protected] and include a professionally presented teaser or corporate deck, and specific requests we might be of help. Until we know who you are and what you are looking for, we won’t be able to determine the actual business needs. Specifics help.