As some of you know, I have been speaking at many conferences and events, sharing the insights and experiences I have learned throughout my career and life experiences. These engagements are the result of referrals and invitations from many of you and are greatly appreciated.

Today’s political climate has created an increased interest in the US-China trade and US-China cross border M&A.  I have been invited to discuss the resulting challenges and opportunities at many conferences and will be addressing these issues at several events in the next six months. In addition, I have been speaking on cross border M&A (general), doing business in foreign countries, inspirational/self-development/overcome adversity, and diversity (women/minority).

Due to the positive feedback from these speaking engagements, I am pleased to formally introduce our speaking engagements, interviews, media, and training business, which will provide organizations, conferences, and events access to our thought leadership and experiences.

Speaking at conferences and events started after hearing too many ‘so-called China experts’ at these events. In particular, I was really fed up by ‘China experts’ at SXSW in March 2018. After complaining to Alan, my marketing advisor back then,  he said: “why don’t you talk about China.” So, here I am providing my personal views, which include:

  • China, like every country in the world, is changing. It has a lot to be proud of, and plenty of things to improve. Foreigners seeking expansion into China need to visit the country and test the market to make informed and responsible decisions or judgments about business, life, and social issues. This applies to any foreign expansion activity.
  • US-China policy risk, like all risks, is the business owners’ responsibility to manage. My classic answer is, who do you want to be during the flu season? – The one who gets sick, or the healthy one who sells the flu medicine (the one who helps others and makes the profit)? Instead of wishing for an easier life, get better and make the maximum profit during a tough time.
  • Another passion of mine is personal development. In my corporate days, I turned two underperforming teams into high performing teams within six to nine months. Called “Navy Seal accounting teams” back then, I was known as the “change agent/cleaner” in Houston.  Today, personal development is embedded in my daily life and business building. When serving clients, we inject motivation and inspirational messages and help clients focus on the positive to get through a tough time. Every client, no matter the size, walks away with a solution, results, happiness, confidence, and peace of mind.

Click for an overview of our events and initiatives. Please note, we welcome content contributions for our community and program sponsorship (especially for the interview series and executive training programs).

Interested? Please contact me or Frieda, our CMO.